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You share many contents. Think of an opportunity where you can use that to bring traffic to your own site.

ShareableLink makes is happen.

Before you share you provide the content you want to share and the url you want to bring traffic to ShareableLink. ShareableLink will generate a new sharable URL that you can share with others. When you share, others will see your link also in the content.

Bring More traffic to your site

More you share, more traffic you will bring. Simply create a Sharable URL.

Use any popular content to your advantage

Just share the contents that is already geerating interest. The Linktstter will help you have your on Call To Action on that content.

Grow you following, likes and +1s

You can bring users to your twitter or facebook accounts. thus helping more following and likes.

Brand anything you share

You can have your own brand in the content you share.